Chapter 1

Unknown POV

There was an awful beeping noise that was slowly and irritatingly scratching at my brain driving me insane, yet I was unable to open my eyes to see what was causing the horrid sound. My body would not move, no matter how much I tried to force it. The faint sound of footsteps moved somewhere close to me, why would my eyes not open. I am sure I had spent several days like this, listening to the same muffled voices around me but unable to communicate, unable to make any movement but here I was feeling like I am slowly losing my mind. I wanted to scream and shout that I was here however my body had other plans.

One thing I did know is that there was a familiar voice that filled my ears every day, making my heart flutter and desperately wishing for my eyes to open, but there was a slight problem. I did not know who it was making me feel this way, yet I felt safe and reassured by his comforting sounds. The voice belonged to a man; it was deep with a powerful edge which made me think that he had a lot of control. I have no idea how much time he spent here with me as his scent never seemed to leave the room fully. He smelt of freshly cut grass on a warm summer’s day, it was heavenly and I often hoped the smell would never leave me.

I felt a hand wrap around my arm, the electric shock took me by surprise, it felt as if my whole body jolted when the fingers met my arm. “Please wake up” it was his voice, there was a hint of urgency in his voice.

What was going on, why could I not move or open my eyes, my insides were screaming hoping someone, just anyone would hear me. Another voice appeared, it wasn’t as deep as the first voice and to be honest it was quite irritating, one of those voices that stays the same pitch no matter what emotions they are feeling or what they are saying.

“You may have to face facts. It has been over a month. She is just not waking up”. She? Is that me the annoying voice is referring too? Why could they not see that I was fighting, my body just would not cooperate with my mind.

“Who do you think you are to talk to me this way?” the deep silky voice had changed, it sounded angry and his words came out as more of a growl “You need to do more!”.

“I am sorry Alpha, there is nothing more we can do, the fight is hers now” the man paused before adding “you know she should have healed by now”.

Everything went quiet, I knew he was still in the room, his scent continually flooding my nostrils. Something to my left moved, his lips gently grazed my cheek sending a small jolt and a warm sensation through my body. Who was this man? Why did he make me feel like this? “If you can hear me” there was a pause and a small sigh “I will be back this evening” and with that his scent began to fade.

As I laid, unable to move listening to that repetitive beep, it was just me and my thoughts. It was impossible to figure out who the voice belonged to, I didn’t even know who I was, as much as I tried to think there was literally nothing, everything was blank, no memories, no knowledge. I didn’t even know my own name. I was she, that was what the man said, ‘she is not waking up’, so I am a girl, maybe a woman, how old could I be? Am I old is that why my body feels the way it does? The thoughts played over and over and at some point I must have fallen asleep.

Alpha Erik

It had been 33 days since my Beta Will had mind linked me to say that he thought he had found my Luna, my mate, exactly three weeks after she went missing. Every single day I made my way to the packs hospital hoping for some sign that there has been an improvement with my Luna but everyday the pack doctor told me the same, some days I would just sit and watch hoping and praying to the moon goddess that she would just move but there was nothing. Even our mate link was not helping her to heal which told me something was wrong, yet even when the doctor said there was nothing more he could do, I refused to except it. She must heal, an Alpha is nothing without his Luna and there is also a good chance I will become rogue if she dies, killing everyone in my way.

My anger levels were steadily rising but I had to keep a mask of calm for the sake of the pack, every wolf was on edge since our Luna went missing without a trace of her scent and without any sign of a fight. What concerns me more is that we had the strongest mind link, yet I was never able to communicate.

Many thoughts found their way into my mind as I sat watching her, she did not look like the same girl from a few weeks ago. Yes, she had the same features however, in that short amount of time she had lost a lot of weight and she was slim before all this. Her collarbone was protruding more than ever, wounds littered her body, her normal milky white skin was so pale it almost had a grey tinge to it. I just longed to see those Jade green eyes again.

My Beta Will contacted me through mind link, something I had asked him not to do when I was at the hospital unless it was an emergency “What?” I snapped at him “You know I’m busy”

“I’m sorry Alpha” the annoyingly insistence coming across clear “Some of the pack are ripping each other apart”.

I frowned, starting to regret making Will my Beta, after a rogue killed the former beta. “I am on my way” I sighed. Looking back at her, just lying in the bed. I kissed her on the cheek telling her that I would be back later, quietly praying that she would wake, longing to see those beautiful green eyes again.

As I left, the memory of Will calling me and announcing that he had found her stuck in my mind. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was messing around with some of the young pups, play fighting and preparing them for a future of being a werewolf with the intention of taking my mind off yet another dead end. There had been nothing on Luna TJ for almost a week now, all the leads had come to a dead end, her scent could no longer be picked up anywhere, she had become lost without a trace something that is almost impossible for one of our kind.

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