Chapter 7

Sounds were slowly slipping away, my eyes had closed and I could feel my own heart beat echoing through my head, the beat getting slower and slower. Someone’s arm slipped under my legs, another under my back, I felt the cold air brush against my skin as I was lifted but I couldn’t move, for a split second I managed to open my eyes and I could see Erik’s intense blue eyes gazing back at me “Sleep” he murmured to me before my eyelids forced themselves shut again.

When they opened again, I was somewhere different, the bed I was laid on was much more comfortable, the blankets tucked around me were thicker and warmer, memories of me trashing the room came back and the smell of blood, so much blood. I peered at my arm, there was a bandage wrapped from my elbow all the way to the knuckles of my hand. The gown I had been forced to wear in hospital had been replaced with an oversized black tshirt and a small pair of white shorts.

Stretching my body out on the bed felt so good, this bed was huge, much bigger than the hospital bed, I laid there for some time star-fishing on the bed, not wanting to get up. The stretch felt amazing, like I hadn’t moved in that way for a long time. Who knows how long I had been here since the day I trashed my room, but it was so comfy and to be honest, I could stay here forever.

Eventually I climbed out of bed, I looked around, taking in the room, I had no idea where I was “here we go again” I mutter to myself. One thing I was sure of is that this room had something to do with Erik, his scent lingered everywhere, and I couldn’t help but suck in all the air so it filled my nostrils. A sense of serenity overcoming me, briefly forgetting the urge to rip out his throat.

There was a large window in the room with thick blue curtains hanging at the side, letting the glorious sunlight stream through, it was a beautiful day outside. Glancing out the window, I spotted Erik far below in the garden with another guy, they looked like they were fighting but laughing about it. As if he knew I was there, Erik looks up and catches sight of me in the window. I stumble back, the shock that he had looked directly at me at that exact moment I chose to look out, when I gained the courage to look out the window, he was gone and so was the other guy.

I tiptoed quietly to the large dark wooden door in the room that I assumed would mean I could leave the room. I pulled the door open and screamed at the figure that was stood there. It was Erik, half naked in just a pair of black joggers, sweat glistening on his toned and very muscly torso, stubble lined his jaw, my eyes making their way up his body to meet his eyes.

I slid down the wall “Why the fuck would you just stand there!” I gasped, clutching my chest as my heart rate finally started to return to a normal pace.

“It’s me, it’s Erik” he spluttered, “Do you know who I am?” he asked me questioningly, panic in his voice, obviously worried that I might have forgotten who he was again. Not that I actually knew who he was, just his name and how I felt oddly comforted when he was close. He stood waiting for an answer from me whilst I tried my best to compose myself and think.

I found myself lost with words and just stared into Erik’s eyes, amongst the blue a gold shimmer circled the iris’s, that strange feeling began to spread throughout my body again, making me feel calm and oddly relaxed, impulsively wanting him to be near me. My brain was telling me to run, to get away, why were my body and brain so disconnected, it just didn’t make sense to me.

Erik hadn’t spoke for a while, instead he had been watching me as intensely as I had been looking at him. He held his large hand out towards me. “You must be hungry, lets go get you some food” he smiled and waited patiently for me to take his hand.

As I touched his fingers, an explosion of sparks erupted sending waves of longing through my body starting from the point my fingers met his hand. Ripping my hand back I held it against my chest, terrified. ‘What the hell just happened?’, I muttered to myself.

“It’s fine, its normal” his voice was calm and level trying to be reassuring but now I was more concerned than before, why did this keep happening to me? plus these strange scents I could smell, especially the intoxicating one that came with Erik, the weird feelings when he was near me and now this man was trying to tell me that the sparks are normal and what is with everyone calling him Alpha?

Almost like Erik had sensed my fear he told me I didn’t need to hold his hand and that I could just follow, nevertheless he looked puzzled about how I reacted and not wanting to piss him off, I quietly followed him down the stairs and into a large kitchen. Maybe if I tried to behave myself around him, he would be able to give me more answers to my growing list of questions.

Someone else was already in the kitchen cooking, I recognised her from the hospital she was beautiful and tall, well she was taller than me and easily 5ft 8/9” and slender but not skinny, she was visibly very toned as she stood there in a sports bra and gym shorts. With long sandy blonde wavy hair falling over her shoulder and bright red lips, she glanced at me smiling although I could tell it was not a true smile. A low growl erupted from my lips, she looked at me along with Erik, both looked surprised, I think they were just as stunned as I was.

“I’m sorry” I murmur “I’m not sure what that was”

“This is Hayley, you might remember her from the hospital” Erik smiled at me, he had a gorgeous smile and something inside me stirred. “Hayley is doing some work here for a few days so you may see her pottering around”.

Someone walked behind me “Good to see you up and about Luna TJ” I looked at the man raising an eyebrow in question. I realised I recognised him as the guy that was fighting with Erik.

Before I had a chance to say anything Erik chimed in “This is Will”

Will grinned at me “I’m Alpha Erik’s right hand man”

I looked at them suspiciously, what does right hand man mean? Will was a bit smaller than Erik, but still had a lot of muscle, he was another one that seemed to wander around half naked with just a pair of shorts on. His black hair slicked back revealing a scar along his cheek. His eyes a mischievous grey colour.

Hayley interrupted my thoughts “Breakfast is nearly ready”, looking at me “are you hungry?”

I couldn’t bring myself to say anything, but my stomach on the other hand was quite happy to announce how ravenous I was, groaning at the smell of food that was hitting my nostrils. Erik took my hand and this time I tried to ignore the sparks and I let him lead me to the dining table situated in a room off to the side of the kitchen. The dining table was large, many people could fit around it, but it still looked small in comparison to the size of the room. A light blue colour coated the walls and a very fluffy grey carpet covered the floor, it was so soft beneath my bare feet and I couldn’t help but scrunch my toes in it.

Will had already planted himself at one end of the table, claiming he needed loads of room because he was starving. Erik held a chair out for me to sit on and as I lowered myself I could see an irritated Hayley walking out with trays and trays of hot steaming food.

Erik began piling a plate with all sorts of food, sausages, eggs, potatoes, hash browns, bacon, and toast. Placing the plate in front of me, he whispers quietly in my ear “Just eat what you can, no pressure” and began filling a huge plate for himself.

Hayley sat opposite me and the three of them began chatting away, I could feel Erik glancing at me every so often, probably because I was yet to try anything, the food smelt amazing but the only thing I could focus on was the flirting Hayley was blatantly doing with Erik, flicking her hair every time he spoke, fluttering her huge eyelashes at him, purposely leaning forward do you could see down her top. My body tensed at the thought of her getting her hands-on Erik, something inside me was breaking.

I looked between her and Erik, they were both smiling at each other and I could see the colour changing in Erik’s eyes, the piercing blue was becoming more translucent with every flick of her hair she threw in his direction. Will’s eyes had also gone the same weird colour and the room had become silent. It was coming, I could feel the rage that I felt before bubbling slowly up inside me, I had no right to feel like this yet I also had no control over it, I had to run.

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