Chapter 8

Alpha Erik's POV

“You said she couldn’t remember anything” Hayley’s voice rang in my head as I filled TJ’s plate and placed it down in front of her, encouraging her to eat what she could.

“Your Luna can’t, she has amnesia if you remember” I stated, irritated that once again, Hayley is being her usual whingey whiney self. “Think yourself lucky I am letting you work in the pack house”.

“Then why did she growl at me?” Hayley questioned

“Natural instinct” Will chimed in, laughing through the link.

I could not help but smile at his comment. Hayley obviously thought she had a chance when TJ was gone and no matter how hard she tried; she just did not want to accept that I no longer cared for her and all i was worried about was finding my Luna.

“Can she hear us?” Hayley spat out the word ‘she’ like it was something she had stepped in.

“Do I need to remind you, who you are speaking about and who you are talking to?!” I snarled at her, making my annoyance with her clear

“Shall I chuck her in the dungeon?” Will asked, you could see his wolf smirking at the possibility of torturing Hayley.

“I’m sorry Erik, you know how I feel about you” her voice was quiet and came out as a whisper.

I cut her out of the mind link, she was becoming a problem and I knew TJ would pick up on it, her empath ways were pretty spot on . “I think its time Hayley moved to a new pack” I expressed to Will, I had allowed Hayley to stay out of curtesy as long as she promised not to be any trouble and she stuck to her promises until TJ disappeared.

“No problem boss, I will sort it” Will declared, pausing for a moment “Do you think she will remember her life?” Will was talking about Luna again, his concern evident in his voice.

Before I could answer, I felt her movements next to me, assuming she had gone to find a bathroom I carried on with my conversation with Will. “I have a plan to try and jog her memories, there is no guarantee it will work but I have to try, its killing me and my wolf” I sigh at the thought of her never remembering.

Will nodded "When Lacey went to visit her parents, the pain was horrendous and that was only for a couple of days".

I sighed "I really hope she finds her way back". I cut the mind link, I needed some time to think. Hayley had already left the table. I could feel my wolf pining uncontrollably which was strange as the last time he had done that was when we discovered TJ was missing.

The wind whipped my skin, pulling me back to my senses, the side door was wide open, Hayley was in the kitchen with her headphones on and Will’s eyes were still glazed over, probably in a mind-link with his mate Lacey. It took a moment for me to realise TJ had left the house.

Alarm ran through me at the thought of me not even noticing. She still has not fully recovered and was still too ill to be out on her own. I pulled Will out of his mind-link and dragged him out the house, he knew instantly that it was TJ. How can this be happening again, I was still unsure who had put the silver needle in my mate.

As Will and I headed out the door, we split up, staying in touch through an open mind-link, and alerted everyone on patrol to stop her if she showed up. I headed into the forest behind the pack house, if she had been taken again this would be the easiest way to enter the forest.

I stripped out of my clothes, it would be easier to shift if i needed to. I hid my clothes under a bush, we have many hiding places all over the forest for spare clothes, this is useful especially if we have to shift quickly and ruin the clothes we are wearing. I have ruined many jeans that way so tend to stick to joggers or shorts. It just makes life easier.

The forest was alive with noise, animals and creatures going about their day, building homes or looking for food. I stood still trying to take in all the sounds around me, listening for any sign of something being dragged or walked through the leaves and trees.

A crack of branches in the distance had me taking off and shifting into my large black wolf. I could not afford to be slow. I skidded to a halt where the sound had come from, catching sight of a large badger disappearing down a hole.

I silently groaned, frustrated how once again there appeared to be no trace. Turning my head towards the darkening sky, I let out a howl. Rain was coming and if we didn't find her soon there was risk we could lose all trace of her.

Will's voice comes into my head, telling me he had her scent. I was not happy about the word 'had'. “What do you mean had Beta?” I growled through the mind link.

“There is another scent mixed with hers, but I don’t recognise it” Will exhaled “it’s not a wolf”.

I was surprised by his comment, there has not been another supe on our land in years, well not since I had become Alpha. I told Will i was heading his way and took off running in the direction he appeared to be.

About fifthteen minutes later Will's unsteady voice hit me again “I’ve found her, but she is injured…. It was a Fae”.

His words hit me like a ton of bricks. “What the fuck are Fae doing on our territory?” my question was not directly aimed at Will and was more of a question to myself. I had increased our training massively since TJ went missing and nearly all the pack were now excellent fighters. The amount of wolves on patrol had also increased but here we are, the same thing was happening again.

I recognised the location that Will was at, one of the benefits to being an Alpha and being able to see where others are, except it did not work on TJ when she was missing. I began to speed up, letting my power and my wolf's strength combine to carry me faster.

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