Chapter 11

Alpha Erik's POV

I cannot believe this is happening again, I shifted back to human form just before the edge of the forest, pulling on a pair of black joggers. We had clothes hidden all around the forest just in case we must shift and ruined the clothes we were wearing although it was rare until recently. I was not ready to show TJ my wolf form, not because I was ashamed, I just was not sure her brain would handle it, she was so fragile at the moment, nothing like the wolf I knew.

Will was still in his wolf form as I walked towards them, my mates eyes were closed, I was unsure how much TJ had seen and the Fae would be hard enough to explain let alone the wolves. Her body looked lifeless, ordering Will to go shift in the forest, I crouched down over TJ, her wounds were already healing which was a good sign, leaving little red streaks all over her body.

Lifting her body into my arms, I held her against my bare chest, she was cold and needed the warmth we gave off,

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