Chapter 12

Alpha Erik’s POV

As I ran my thumb across her lip, I could feel her longing for me. I could take her right here….

A knock on the door interrupted us and TJ fled back into the bathroom. I groaned, why did my pack insist on disrupting me at the most inconvenient times. “Just a second” I yelled. Silently banging my head against the bathroom door. She had felt it she finally felt our connection, clearly sleeping next to her all night helped. I pulled on a pair of shorts and yanked open the door.

“What?” I had no patience for this crap today.

Alpha Noah was stood on the other side with a smirk on his face “I wanted to surprise you myself”

I had completely forgotten Noah was arriving from the rising moon pack “Am I interrupting something?” he asks me as a grin breaks out on his face.

“No not at all, what time did you get here?” I ask, surprised that Will had not woken me.

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