Chapter 13


The hot water hitting my skin felt amazing and like i was experiencing it for the first time, grabbing the body wash I began to scrub my body, thoughts of yesterday seeping back into my head. I scrubbed myself hard trying to forget, I am sure it must have been a dream. As I continued to scrub an image of Erik appeared, his rock-hard naked body striding towards me, his warm breath on my face as he tilted my chin upwards to look at him and that gold glow around the iris's was so bright.

Why did he make me feel like this, so many mixed emotions and yet the thought of his lips on mine put a smile on my face. I grabbed the shampoo and began working on my hair it was so matted and disgusting that my fingers kept catching knots. Erik’s image was soon replaced with one of a large white wolf standing over me, trying to push the image out of my head as I finished washing my hair was proving difficult, it must have been a dream right, wolves surely can't be that bi

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