Chapter 14

Alpha Erik POV

Shit, shit, shit, TJ definitely has something against Hayley, I was so thankful that Noah managed to grab her in time, although the dining table will leave have a permanent reminder of her new hatred towards Hayley. Noah’s right though, she needs to know about our kind and needs to know now whether she liked it or not.

Will walked in shortly followed by Sapphire, Sapphire observed the scene looking between Noah and I and then looking at TJ who was sat panting on the floor, the table was turned up on its side whilst chairs laid scattered everywhere.

Sapphire offered a hand to TJ, helping her up and wrapping her arms around her, I watched silently as TJ’s body relaxed into Sapphire’s, tears streaming down her face, why could she not let me cuddle her like that.

Noah and I righted the room whilst everyone sat down, I noticed TJ decided to sit between Sapphire and Will and could see she was still gripping Sapphire’s hand

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