Chapter 107


I pulled on the clothes Erik gave me as quick as I could, what was I doing trying to throw myself at Erik, it was a stupid move.

My final comment before he left the room had hit him hard, much harder than it had hit me and I wanted to cry. I call to Atlas and he appears instantly in front of me, without missing a beat I threw myself into his arms, sucking in his beautiful scent and it made me realise that Erik’s scent was gone, I could only smell his wolf stink on everything in the room and not his lusty scent.

Atlas pushes me back to look at me and cups my face, thumbing away the tear that rolled out of my eye.

“It’s just for a few days” He thought I was upset about being here but it was more of a case that I was upset because I felt like I had screwed up. I nod, silently wishing everything could go back in time, to the time that I could not remember.

“I will try”

“Just remember we ar

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