Chapter 108

Alpha Erik’s POV

“Where the fuck have you been TJ?” I grab her roughly, I couldn’t help it but my wolf no longer viewed her as a member of our pack. Lowe growls at me and I let her go.

“If you must know, Will showed me the prison he has built for witches, the place we are going to put Alice” and she pushes pass me, sitting on a chair

“You did what?” I turn on my Beta who submits without hesitation.

“Alpha TJ, requested to see it” his voice is high pitched under submission

“Where is it?” I was pissed that something else had been kept a secret from me

“Right where Sapphire was keeping me prisoner” TJ is snarling at me, the girl I once loved was showing her cruel side more and more, maybe she really did belong with the Blood pack.

I sigh, we really were not getting anywhere if we continued to hide information from each other. Will reminds me he had this c

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