Chapter 109


“I am never going to get this” and groan at Lowe and Atlas

Atlas smiles at me “You will, you just need to concentrate better. Now try again”

They had given me an apple to practise with, because starting small was the way to move forward apparently, but no matter how much I tried, the apple would end up in a different place either in the room or no where to be seen, one apple had even split in two. 

Lowe had joked that it wouldn't matter if I managed to pull that off with Alice

Both men had tried explaining to me that I needed to focus more on the apple then where I wanted to go, but it was increasingly hard when all I could think of is Atlas’s intoxicating pine smell. After a while Atlas announced he had some errands to run and left me with Lowe. My wolf was desperate to go with him but I had to get this thing right.

After a few more attempts I managed to bring the apple with me and I cheered

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