Chapter 111

Alpha Erik’s POV

I knew what I was risking and even now with TJ being an Alpha of another pack, I would give my life for her.

Will and Chris followed me, walking each side of me, both of them thought I was stupid for doing this and had no problems telling me as much.

“You cannot do this boss, it is a suicide mission” Will’s voice was higher than normal

“Will, I promise that I will be fine, besides you are quite capable of running this pack” He looks at me as if I have lost my mind, “Will, it will be okay, I will be fine, I promise”

“He is right bro, you are fucking mental. I like a good fight, but to go up against the Moon Goddess, that is a death wish”

I find it funny how they both assume that I am on the way to death, yet they were still walking next to me. “Let’s hope the Blood pack will take her out in time if you think my death is imminent”

Honestly, I

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