Dressed in the cloak Atlas had wrapped me in yesterday, and black clothes with boots, I pull the hood up over my head, hiding my red hair. “Ready?”

I look at everyone stood before me and they all nod their head

“We are with you all the way my love” Atlas kisses me on the cheek and sends another flurry of butterflies to my stomach and as much as I loved it, I couldn’t ignore the feelings that still lingered for Erik.

I nod and disappear, reappearing just inside of the forest line at the edge of Crimson Moons grounds. Moving silently and swiftly across the grass came naturally and I could feel my wolf howling in delight at me finally being reconnected with my lost self.

The further I moved into Crimson Moons territory, more of my people appeared, flanking me in a solid V, it was a protection stance.

Erik’s pack were all out on the grounds, with Beta Will and Alpha Chris standing on the balcony

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