Hot For Him

She couldn't help but feel wet just thinking about his throbbing cock inside her. He stared at her with such a look that would make anyone spontaneously combust. His hair the darkest shade of black, his eyes a cold and calculating color grey, to say she was captivated would be an understatement. She was obsessed.

"Nadia, are you even listening to me?" Her friend asked, waving a hand in her face.

Shit, she was daydreaming again.

"Um." She tried to think back to the last thing Ella was saying.

"Really? Nadia, close your mouth before the drool comes out."

Embarrassed, Nadia wiped at the corner of her mouth. Her friend's eyes danced with laughter.

"I knew it, Nadia, you naughty girl. You were thinking about him again." Ella swatted her arm playfully.

She looked around the employees' lunch room to make sure no one else was listening. The coast was clear. " Ella, will you be quiet? Someone might hear you?"

And by someone, she meant t

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