D*mn *ss Hat

Nadia sat at the table nursing her steaming hot coffee while looking over the morning paper. She had her pen in hand, angrily crossing job postings out as she went, each one requiring some form of college education and the ones that didn't pay enough to keep the lights on. The phone that was sitting next to her buzzed the table, making her jump, before swiping the screen.

  A text message popped up from Slave. He had been texting her quite frequently after their scene three nights before. The excitement and anticipation for this weekend were growing. This weekend would be the first of many she would be spending at his house. It would be their first scene outside of the club. She only hoped things would go well.

   "Mistress, May I ask what you are doing?" She read the message and rolled her eyes. He insisted they stay in character when speaking to one another; no other relationship was to form except for Slave and master. Truthfully, she was mo

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