The Ultimatum

The sound of rapid tapping on her door interrupted her shower. Nadia threw on a towel with her hair dripping wet; she rushed to the door. She was peeped through the door and saw Mr. Right. What in the Hell? How did he know where she lived?

She unbolted the door to let him in, but before she could get the words out, he was grabbing her by the hair and pulling her towards him; his mouth was in a frenzy with hers. He was Both dominating her body and mind. God yes! Being controlled was what she needed. A man, not some little bitch boy. He kicked the door shut and picked her up, carrying her to her room.

He Slammed her on the bed, her head in a whirlwind. She always knew he was a dominant man, and now she was about to find out how dominating he was. She laid obediently on the bed, biting into her bottom lip, anticipating his next move.

He undid his tie from around his neck. With a smirk on his face." You think I'm an ass hat, do you?"

She eagerly nodded her he

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