I Own You

 Nadia stood in her doorway long after he was gone, her mind reeling with her thoughts. What the hell just happened? She didn't have time to process her thoughts entirely. Ella pulled up out front; Nadia could see her yellow slug bug from the doorway. Still dressed in her robe, she panicked and shut the door. Taking off in a full strive, Nadia ran into her room and threw off her robe. Then she threw on the first thing that she could find and ran back out the door, only to find Ella was blaring on the horn.

Nadia quickly opened the passenger door and sat beside her friend.

"God, El, I was coming. You didn't have to blare on the horn."

Ella looked in the rearview mirror at her reflection, reapplying a cherry red lip stain to her perfectly plump lips.

"Really, Nad, you should have been ready. We're going to be late."

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