Chapter Twelve Spanked

Nadia felt both excited and nervous about the event that was about to take place. She bit her lip and attentively listened as he explained what he was going to do. His hands busily tied her into the pulley system, hanging from the ceiling. Her hands were bound in the air, but her feet were left planted firmly on the ground.

"Remember the safe word, Nadia," Colton said as his lips brushed her ear.

  "Red," She breathlessly answered.

" Good girl, now I'm only going to spank you five times." He held the leather paddle in his hand and stroked it with his fingers. It was one of his less intimidating paddles, only the size of a ping pong paddle. It was sure to leave a good sting instead of a resounding thud.

  "Nadia, so that we are clear, what did you do that caused you to get spanked?" Colton circled her, stopping to look

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