As soon as the plane touched down in New York, he had two town cars pulled up waiting. One was to take him to his meeting, and the other was to take Nadia to his penthouse suite. He had made a few calls on the plane for extra security; Colton was sending his best to protect Nadia.

Colton doubted Nadia was aware that Evan was a bodyguard. To her, he probably appeared as a driver/assistant. Colton didn't want to freak her out and let on at the possible danger she might be in. After Nadia reluctantly gave him Jacks' full name, he had a full background check done. The things that Jack was capable of were horrible and unspeakable. It turned out after Nadia had escaped, Jack had stepped up his torture techniques. Colton had his IT guy hack into classified information. The pictures of the bodies Jack left behind were disturbing and mangled. Nadia escaping was a miracle within itself. The guys have been on the run going on

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