Nadia's hands rested on the banister as she looked out over the water. The cool night air nipped at her delicate flesh, chilling her to the bone. Out of all the places she imagined Colton taking her, this wasn't one of them. On the bright side, her mom wasn't the only one who would be able to boast. She was pretty sure Colton's yacht would put them all to shame. It was practically taking up its own zip code. Why he went through this great extent was beyond her.


He took her so far out off the coast; she was sure no one would be able to hear her scream. Nadia’s patience was running thin; she had been waiting for Colton to return for well over fifteen minutes now. Finally, she made up her mind to go and look for him. Nadia let go of the death grip she had on the railing and steadied herself enough to walk.

  She tried to jog her mem


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