It had been a long two weeks on the sea, and Nadia was ready to get off Colton's gosh-forsaken yacht. She couldn't quite figure out how a night out had turned into two weeks. Or why they were moving to another house instead of his Manhatten penthouse suite.

They were now in the Hamptons right on the beach. Nadia had underestimated his net worth, not that she cared how much money he had. She was just starting to feel out of place. A girl like her didn’t belong in this type of world.

The car pulled down a  long driveway. The property had a golden gate that went all the way around it with a small white guard shack that set out front. The gates opened, and the car drove through. Nadia rolled down her window to get a better view. You couldn't use the word house to describe his home; it was a mansion. The mansion looked like it came off an episode of lifestyles of the rich and famous.

The car drove around the circle, letting them out under an aw


Well Nadia did say in the prologue her Mama's habits was going to get her killed lets hope for Beverly sake that's not the case.

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