Colton came over to her, bearing kisses along her neck from behind. He couldn't keep his hands off of her and found it hard to stay in character. She was the sexiest woman he'd ever laid eyes on, and best of all, she was all his.

  "Are you ready, Mrs.Right?" His deep, demanding voice asked.

   Nadia held back her smile, reminiscing on the days they said their vowels. It was hard to believe after ten years and three babies later, they were still going strong. Colton was everything she ever hoped for and wanted, a loving father, a fantastic lover, and still just as Dominant in the bedroom.

  She felt a sting in her bottom. Colton’s hand imprinted on her ass.

  " I asked if you're ready?"

   There was the man she knew and loved; she nodded as she said, "yes, sir.

    " That's my girl." He smacked her ass lightly as he got the butt plug lubed and ready to go.

He to


I hope everyone enjoyed this story. Now its time to say goodbye to Nadia and Colton. But atlas there love story can live on in your minds Thank you for reading Nadia by Nature.

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