Chapter 10 - The party

"Come on, Sydney, open the door!" For the past half-hour, Leah had been beating on her door.

Sydney screamed from inside her room, "I don't want to talk Leah, just leave me alone!" Her eyes were red and puffy when she returned. She had obviously been crying. She then locked herself in her room and refused to eat her meal. Leah had given her a couple of hours' time alone, but she was suddenly concerned.

"This is it, I'm calling Mike," Leah declared emphatically before dialling Mike's number. He was on his way downstairs in no time.




Mike's calming voice asked me to open the door when I heard a knock.

"Leave me alone," I yelled back.

"I'd leave, but who would prepare the dinner? You know Leah is a terrible chef, and I'm starving." Mike yelled out loud.

"Hey! I'm not a terrible cook!" Leah shut him down.

"Oh, no! Yes, you are; you can't even make good mac & cheese." He retorted with a snide remark.

I couldn't keep a smile from appearing on m
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