Chapter 71 - Captured


Sydney had been missing for hours. I went to her old apartment, checked at Mike's place and both flats were unoccupied. Though her car was parked near the building. Did she run away with him? NO! My heart refused to believe that.

My phone ran again and this time it was Michael –

"We caught him, Mr Reiner," he said, "the suspect on that tape we caught."

"Mike?" I inquired.

"You won't believe what he was trying to do. He was attempting to blow up our weapons storage facility! We discovered him trying to enter with forged credentials. He is adamant on speaking with you. What are your recommendations? Should we contact the authorities?"

"No! I'll be there in an hour, so don't call the police ".I thanked my lucky stars over the phone for the breakthrough.

After that, I contacted Clifton.

"I'd like you to do something for me, Clifton."

"Yes?" He answered.

"Check on Eric Randall, the owner of the Emerald theatre, to find out his whereabouts. Follow him when you find him. Also,
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