Chapter 74 - Confrontation


Fiona's eyes widened, and William appeared perplexed. Eric appeared shocked at first, but then his face erupted into a broad smile, followed by a wild laugh.

"What did you call him? Who the fuck is Javier?" William asked.

"Damn you Aiden! I wish you weren't so smart. Now you've spoiled my fun," Eric cribbed, still laughing.

"Fun? You call this fun ?" I pointed to the lifeless bodies of Rob and Marilyn.

"Aiden, there are main characters, antagonists, and extras in a play. Usually, the extras perish. They were only there as extras." As if this was a drama for him, he explained.

"So this is play for you? You are a psychopath, Javier!" I said through clenched teeth.

"Woah! Hold on! Why do you keep referring to him as Javier?" William inquired again, his face annoyed.

Fiona looked at Eric as if he had grown horns. She was visibly trembling.

"No! It's not possible, "she exclaimed, covering her mouth.

"Surprised? Are you? I suppose you recall your husband's actions." Eric smil
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