Chapter Six

Chris and I walked to Burger King. He was smiling like an idiot and his dimples were showing. God this guy was so cute, why didn't I have feelings for him?

He opened the door for me and we got inside. The coldness of the winter was really hitting us.. I turned to him, "so, what do you feel like having..."

He smiled, "for real... you're actually taking me out and paying? I mean I can pay..."

I shook my head, "I'm paying. So what do you want...?"

He squinted his eyes cutely at the board and started reading, then he pointed, "umh.. that burger please..."

I told the lady in front of me and said she should make it two...

"Sitting or take always...?" The lady asked and I looked at Chris, "do you mind if we chill?"

He shook his head and took the slip on my hand, "go check for a place upstairs..."

I nodded, "cool..." and then turned to leave but he called my name making me stop to face him again.

"Uhm.. your drink?"

"Pepsi.. with ice please.."

He winked, "coming right now..."

I slowly went upstairs and saw people sitting on the couches. I saw a free table by the corner. The place was a bit secluded and cosy. I sighed before going to sit down.

I looked around and asked myself what I was doing. I mean going against my feelings. I didn't have them at all for this guy yet here I was trying to convince myself to love.. I mean like him.

The moment those thoughts started to bother me, Pastor's words lingered at the back of my head...  do not be tempted by sin, do not allow yourself to fall and be what God is against.

So I couldn't.. I couldn't do that, I couldn't go against my belief no matter how I felt. I had to do this. Maybe I'd eventually like him...

I was startled by something move next to me..

"Hey...." he said putting the tray he was holding on the table. I smiled a bit, "you scared me there.."

"You were miles away..."

I shrugged and took one of fries, "just thinking.."


"My little brother..."

He looked at his watch,"it's 2, when does he get home..."


"We can leave Precious... this was still a nice gesture... I mean you bought me food."

I swallowed the lumb on my throat, "umh.. Chris it's okay..."

He smiled, "what? You just realized that your mom will be home before him?"

My whole face changed and my body language...

"Umm what's wrong?"

"Chris my mom passed away..."

Now it was his turn to have a face. I watched as he slightly moved uncomfortable, "shit... Precious I'm so sorry..."

I shrugged, "it's okay.. you didn't know."

"Shit I'm really sorry.. I'm messing this up... fuck.. I'm really sorry."

I then realized how shitty he must feel. I told myself that maybe I should just be less tense...

I took his hand and he looked at me, "hey Chris... Don't feel bad.. you didn't know. It's okay."

He nodded and took his drink.

I let go of his hand and started eating my burger. Things were a bit quiet for a while..

"You are not messing things up Chris... you didn't know.. we really don't know each other that much so it's okay..."

"What happened?" He asked and I looked at him.

"To your mom....if you're okay with talking about it.."

I had no fucken idea what to say.. but I decided to be honest, "she passed away.. umh, she was sick.. so she passed away.. there was nothing that could have been done.."

"So you stay with your little brother and dad?"

I nodded, "yep, I had to grow up and be a mom to my brother.."

He smiled, "I bet he is so disciplined.."

I laughed, he didn't know my brother, "he is an ass.. God . He calls me grumpy granny..."

Chris laughed too, "well... in that case you are one heck of a sexy granny.. I don't know about the grumpy part though..."

I poked him with a fry on his cheek, "what the hell Chris.. sexy granny? Ewwww..."

He laughed and held my hands, "don't start what you won't finish..."

"Or what?"

"You'll regret it..."

I rolles my eyes, "oh please..."

God... little did I know that he'll go straight to my weakest point. He started tickling me..

"God... Chris... fuck... stop.. I'll scream..." I said in between laughter gaining a few eyes from the people that were here... He stopped and started eating his food, pretending as if he never touched me..."

I looked at him as I gained my breath back... "Chris... the fuck..."

He laughed, "don't curse.. it makes you cuter..."

I laughed, "stop...stop being an arse.."

He poked my nose, "stop being cute..."

I smiled and looked at him, "I'm glad we are doing this..  even though you're being an arse..."

"She just said I'm a donkey..." he said acting dramatic. He was really fucken cute and nice... maybe this was going to be easier than I thought. He really was easy to get along with..

I laughed, "you're an idiot.."

He shrugged, "been told... but now I believe it coz you said it."

I laughed, "wooow you sound like a momma's boy..."

His laughter died down and his smile faded...

"Shit I'm sorry... please tell me your mom did not pass away too.."

"Umh.. I don't know... I wouldn't..."

I kept quiet and waited for him to go on... and he did, "I... she... I don't know her... apparently she gave birth to me and left me at my dad's door... they were both 17.. and my dad says she left a note saying she couldn't do it..  so I don't even know what she looks like..."

Fuck my heart... "I am so sorry... at least I know my mom and how she looks like.. but you.. I'm sorry.."

He shook his head, "it's all good.. I'm good.. my dad is the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm glad he never dumped me to someone else but his parents and wanted me in his life still."

I felt like shit really. Imagining how I'd feel if my mom did that. I'd hate her for real. I decided to go to lighter news, "so.. it's only you and your dad...?"

"It's only me and the old guy..."

"Nice... he must spoil you like hell..."

He shook his head, "he is strict like hell. It's not fun being the pastor's son..."

"Oh fuck.. he's a pastor...?"

"Yep... and your dad?"

"Owns a business down town.. fix cars...J-Mottors.."

"Ahh I know that... right opposite that store that sells computers..."

I smiled, "yes there... that's him..."

"Nice... wanna finish off my fries?"

I ached my left brow at him, "want me to get fat?"

"You're not fat.. you're beautiful..."

I laughed, "your father thought you very well."

He winked and scooted closer to me, "So... what does a guy have to do in order to get dance lessons from you?"

I shrugged, "nothing.. we have a teacher for that.."

He laughed, "umh.. so did you always want to be a dancer?"

I shook my head, "initially no. I wanted to be a doctor.. then I was dumb like fuck in high school.. so I opted for Journalism... which I applied for a few jobs..."

He ached his brow at me seeming shocked, "you? Journalism?" 

"Yeah.. you look shocked.."

"I just never pinned you as the gossip girl type.. so you like news?"

"Not a gossip girl.. but yeah I kinda like politics..."

"Beauty and brains.. wow... jackpot.."

I laughed, "are you sure you're a pastor's child Chris?"

He bit his lower lip and leaned his back on the chair, "well.. what do you think?"

I looked at him with a small smile on my face and he got up and came closer to me. I just smiled. He brushed her hand on my cheek, "Because I think you are really beautiful Precious..."

I blushed and cleared my throat, "Chris.. umh I never took you to be blind.. we have to go.."

"Yeah... let me walk you...." he took my bag and got up.. I followed as we went downstairs.

We started walking and stood by the bus stop..

"I'll get a taxi here..." I said and he smiled, "great... so, how old is your brother....?"

"He's 11... and what did Chris study for?"

"Studying for you me. I'm finishing up my BA in Law.."

I looked at him, "a dancing lawyer?"

He started doing the nae-nae, "you know I gotta make my clients smile..."

I laughed, "cute..."

He came closer to me, "see... you're laughing which is very good..."

I took my bag, "thank you.. I had a great time today.."

He smiled, "me too... I really had a good time.. Thank you.."

"You did alright...."

He laughed, "I really thought I did something wrong.. worse when you didn't even respond to my messages.. I couldn't check if you are okay..."

I felt a bit bad for doing that now that I know he felt like he was responsible for my fucked up emotions.

"I'm sorry.. I just.. my brother... I'm sorry okay..."

"I understand... and I told myself I'll never try to kiss you again since what happened. I thought I made you uncomfortable..."


I cleared my throat, "Umm.. a bit scared... I mean.. I don't know. I wasn't expecting it so I freaked out. I'm sorry..."

A taxi appeared and he hugged me, "no sweat... today paid up for that..."

"Thanks again for letting me apologize.."

He bowed, "apology accepted... So we will do this again?"

"Yeah.. totally.." I said and climbed in. He closed the door and I smiled a bit. Today wasn't as bad.

"I guess the date went very well Precious..." someone said and I turned to see one of Layla's friends.. was it Wendy or the other one? Yeah that girl..

"Who said it was a date?" I asked.

"Can I get off after robots please..." she said before looking at me, "don't do this to yourself.. don't do this to Layla..." and then she was out.

Do what to Layla? The fuck?

I took my phone out and smiled when I saw a text from a certain someone..

KATHY❤💯🌈: Hey beautiful human.. I hope your day is going well. I am seriously missing you and I can't wait to go back to school... which will keep me busy too you know...

So Kathy and I's friendship was growing tremendously fast and deeper. I genuinely cared about the kid and she seemed to do about me too. Which was good and I knew I could trust her more than I could my best friend since she'd never take me to a pastor to get prayed for coz she thinks I'm about to start sinning 🙄🙄...

Julia was just getting under my nerves and she wasn't helping at all with how I felt.

I responded..

ME: hey beautiful Princess, I missed you more.. I am going through some staff and I think you're the only person I can talk to. I'm scared.. I wish I could I don't know talk to you face to face.. but I don't know.. I really need you right now..

I sent the message and told the driver to let me go after the short left...

I got out and to my surprise there was Layla waiting by my gate.

"What are you doing here?"

"Came to talk to you..."

"Like I said we have nothing to talk about.. now please leave..." I said going past her and she pulled me by my hand and turned me around so that we stood face to face...

We were so close I could feel her breath on my face.

"Layla let go of me.."

"Not until we talked.. you can't do this... please.. Chris...? Really? So what? You'll sail to an Island and say I do?"

I swallowed, "I.. what are you talking about?"

She moved closer until our bodies were almost touching, God.. my body.. my heart.. she was making me feel weird shit.

I pulled away and opened the gate then got inside. She did too... I locked it and I felt her hold me from the back.. her hands slowly move on my waist...

I took in one deep breath and then sighed...

"You know what I'm talking about... This..." she whispered making me feel her hot breath on my neck...and pulling me closer to her. My ass was literally on her front...

"Whatever you're feeling now... it's not a lie.. and it won't go away.. don't do this.. don't lie to yourself.."

I closed my eyes and held the gate, "I'm not... I'm not..." my voice was trembling I hated it so much..

"Please Layla I'm not.. I.. I actually like Chris..."

"Now suddenly? Precious don't.. please okay... at least don't try and force yourself to do this until you fully understand what's going on..."

Her hands on my waist were killing me.. they made me feel warm.. made me want her to keep on touching me. Something I haven't felt in a while. I mean Chris and I were talking and all that and we played around but I felt nothing close to this.

I turned around with little energy in me and pushed her away, "please... stop... I am not forcing anything or whatever you're thinking. Layla stop doing this... please.. and don't do this. Like I said, I feel nothing.. nothing is happening here.. in fact you're the one who should stop forcing things."

A key at the gate startled both of us... I jumped further away from Layla creating more distance between us..

My dad got in, "ahh hey girls..."

"Hey dad.. this is Layla... from dance classes... Layla this is my dad..."

"Hey Mr Tatum... I hope you had a great day..."

"Hey.. I did. So are you joining us for dinner...?"

Godness! My father and being nice... I rolled my eyes and answered before Layla could, "she was leaving dad. She only needed a few songs and she got them.. she was actually on her way now..."

"Oh... okay some other time then. It was nice knowing you."

"You too Mr Tatum..."

And my dad went inside the house.

I turned to Layla, "don't ever do this.. nor touch me or talk to me.. the only thing you and I will talk about is school and classes... anything else is a no..."

"Precious please..."

I shook my head, "no Layla.. please respect that."

She frowned, "cool... I guess I'll see you at school."

My heart cut deep seeing that sight. I felt like I was hurting myself. But this was the right thing to do. I was fixing myself before I could get damaged.

I watched as she leave and locked the gate.

I took my phone out and there was a text from my best friend..

BESTIE: you've been ignoring me Precious.. please let's meet and talk.. please.. I really need to talk to you.

I rolled my eyes and went to check the message I sent to Katharina.. she hasn't responded... fuck..

I typed again..

ME: I really need you.. can we talk.. my feelings are all over the place and I need you please.. I love you Kathy ❤

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