Chapter Nine - Another Interest

I jumped away from Layla and turned around, "hey..."

"What's happening here?" She asked with her nose ached you'd swear she was disgusted by the sight.

"We are dancing...?" I said already not in the mood for what was about to go down. 

"Really? Her lips are literally on your neck and you are telling me that you are dancing. Precious do you think I'm dumb.."

Layla got up, "Umm.. calm down.. I wasn't trying to get her pregnant... like she said we were about to dance.."

"I thought you had shit to do when you left early this morning, leaving me behind.."

"I did Julia and this is it."

"Her sucking on your neck.. I thought we talked about this. You stay away from her.. or do you want me to tell the whole church about this..."

My heartbeat... I could literally feel it and I felt like if I looked at my chest I'd see it pumping in and out of my ch

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