Chapter Forty Six - Give Love a Chance

"Give love chance"... they said... "what have you got to lose."

My heart was beating so fast on my chest and I had no idea how to go about this. Do I blurt it out? How the fuck will things be after that? I mean we stay together after all.

I sighed and Layla cleared her throat, "are you okay?" 

I nodded my head way too quickly, "yes ...yes... why are you asking?" 

She smiled, "you just seem wrestled by something.. like you're internally debating with yourself about something.."


"What's up? Wanna talk about it?"

Okay so this was it, it was my chance to say this. I love her and I want us to give this a try.. to see how things will go.




"Layla... can I ask you something..?" I said and she looked at me before stopping at a red traffic light

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