Chapter Forty Eight - You're Not A Bad Girlfriend

I felt hands pull me closer and warm legs intertwine with mine. My head was on her chest. I smiled involuntarily. If you had asked me this seven months ago; "do you see yourself waking up next to Layla and loving it?" I'd have totally fucken screamed a huge ass "NOOOOOOO"

But today here I am entangled together with thee girl I never thought I would be. I mean Layla has always been drop dead gorgeous.. first time when I saw her I thought Oh God that girl was hot as hell... I had this little crush until I saw what she did to girls and the crush disappeared immediately being replaced by a feeling I couldn't even describe. 

From then I wasn't that much of a fan but she surprisingly was the one to come rescue me when I was fighting my own demons.. I hated and loved her at the same time... because all that shit made me weak for her again.

She was a lot...from the past seven months I've really known her.. at first she was this

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