Chapter Forty Nine - It Was Worth The Wait

Saying goodbye to Meagan on the 27 left me feeling like shit. I ended up stuffing myself with wine and ice cream for two days (bought by my girlfriend) and cried to sleep. It felt like I was losing her like I lost Kathy. But she promised to keep in touch.. and might I add she was so fucken happy when Layla and I told the gang that we are together.. Everyone was happy saying "It's about time" like darn they been waiting for me to close the cirlce.

After that though, work was on each side of my shoulder. Apparently the permanent staff decided to take leave and a few were left being helped by me and two other interns, which meant interns had double work now.. So I was at the office a lot or at events and what sucked more was that Layla was travelling a bit... which ended in us not spending lot of time together. But since she was dancing for Rouge's performances and I was covering some New year party with all those big artists.. it was by luck that I was actual

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