Chapter Fifty - Jealousy


'sex makes you look so fucken amazing I tell you..' Meagan laughed on the screen of my phone and I rolled my eyes, "please stop. I will not hesitate to fucken hung up.. or worse bring back your ex-lover.."

The smile on her face immediately faded and was soon replaced by a frown, "you are a joy killer. You should be proud of yourself.. why the fuck bring my ex into this.." 

I laughed. She was a bit sensitive when it came to talking about Tanya... "okay I'm sorry babe.." 

"And how long will you use Tanya against me..? I thought she was grown and cool okay.. don't blame me for other people's odd minds." 

I didn't blame her, I just warned her and she refused to listen and screamed "Tanya loves me" now they were over but after one huge ass shitty thing went down. 

So Meg says the first month was amazing when they moved to Paris, which was January and Tanya found something to do while Meg went on

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