Chapter Fifty Two - Apologies Apologies

It's been a week and I haven't seen Layla, she wanted to talk to me. Called Julia a thousand times since my phone was with her but I couldn't bring myself to seeing her. I felt sick to my stomach, the thought of her made me feel so sick..

The images in my head were killing me. Seeing her hovering over her ex like that, I wanted to yell or scream.. just to ask her what she was doing.

Did she text me that on purpose so I can find them in bed...? But then I thought about if for the past week and realized that she didn't. It was the ex all along who texted me with her phone, knowing very well what her plan was and how she wanted to walk in on them. Julia talked to me and made me see things. From the first fight, she's been feeding Layla these lies so that she can be trusted and finally she was and then she took us down.

I was so mad at Layla for letting the only person she promised not to allow do this to us, I was so mad at her

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Dearest you repeated this chapter twice

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