Last Chapter - The Future Holds The Unknown


Life is full of surprises.. All the fucken time.

I suppose you think I'm now married with a white cute cat, a black dog and a baby on the way.. well if you actually thought that you are definitely...

Wrong ✖❌✖😛

Right now, I'm an editor in chief for Laura's online magazine. It turned out that my hardwork really caught her attention and I was impressing her every second.

But it wasn't like that for the past two years. It was up and downs, confusions, love back, moving on and finally being content with who and where I am.

After the encounter I had with Layla in the office, things turned to the way I never even thought they would.

For a week I was depressed at home but did my work as expected... and to my surprise Layla refused to listen to me. Now, people at work thought we were still dating because she'd come

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