Chapter 74: I love you

Cade’s POV


I watched Annie flying away from everyone as if she was scared that she could end up doing something worse.

I was proud of her that she decided to leave rather than harming anyone even though her powers were not stable. Just like her father, even I didn’t run behind her because I knew she was disturbed and frustrated. It wouldn’t be wise to disturb her for a while after all I could find her location with my power.

After an hour or two, I used my wind power and smiled finding her near the waterfall. Just like every school-age teenager, that place was OUR PLACE. In the next moment, I was near my bride, my love, my Annie.

I didn’t have any idea about her mood now, but as per her father, it was not good to disturb any demons when the

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Astha Yadav
finally she uttered those words❣
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm wondering how many stories are you going to start after this
goodnovel comment avatar
awesome and fabulous.. finally she recalled everything

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