Chapter 77: Epilouge

Andrella’s POV


“Why didn’t you wear the dress which I gifted you?”, Cade asked, the moment he saw me in a peach color mermaid style gown rather than the red, which he had gifted me. “Well, It’s not that you are not looking beautiful in it but I wanted to see you in the dress which I gifted you.”

“Cade, it’s Becca’s marriage. Not mine!”, I reminded him, fixing his tie.

“All right.”, He nodded in an understanding way. “By the way, I know you are going to be Becca’s bridesmaid but don’t forget your poor lover because my hand would start itching without touching you.”, He muttered and grabbed my round ass in his hand. I gasped in surprise and slapped at hand.

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Jyotika Mewara
I want to know about Noire story Are you going to continue that story?
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Prerana Kushwah
end 🤧 well I'm gonna miss them. it's became my habit to read them
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Jyotika Mewara
amazing ❤❤❤
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