Lady Moonlight
Lady Moonlight
Author: weirdya

Prologue - The Prophecy

‘When the true one reveals themselves under the red moonlight, it shall cause a world of darkness and the start of a suffering.’

The prophecy was made during the Dark Ages. That time, the most monstrous and powerful werewolf called Fallen Beast began terrorizing the nearby villages and killed hundreds of people. The Beast, however, was then killed by a group of hunters.

Feeling threatened, the werewolves attacked them back, dragged them through the village where other villagers ran for their lives. The terrible news forced humans to train to hunt instead of hiding in despair.

Driven by revenge and disgust, the hunters then pursued more supernatural creatures and massacred them mercilessly. Witches were burned, vampires were staked, and werewolves were shot with silver bullets. Fear soared from the big war, sending the signal all around the world that the supernaturals were no longer safe, regardless of where they lived.

The creatures of the night who made it alive gathered once again to make a pact: stay away from each other’s lives, avoid killing humans no matter what to prevent another war, and scatter themselves to minimize the chance of being hunted again.

Before parting, one of the oldest witches gave them the prophecy to assure their safety hundred years from then. It became a sacred guide for the supernaturals to survive and live through.

Witches often traveled across the world and avoided staying permanently in one place. Vampires snuck into the big, cold cities and lived alongside the humans. Werewolf tribes chose small towns, dominated by forest, as their hiding place.

To protect ourselves, werewolves were trained to control our transformation, powers, and hunger, repressed the beast inside when Full Moon shone brightly. The most challenging thing was when my great-grandfather, Harold Whitlock, decided that it was best to hide amongst the humans.

Hiding in a plain sight might sound like a perfect plan to protect our identities, he once said. No hunters could track us down if we trained ourselves to be more like our human side. No one would be hurt—not us the werewolves, not the humans.

He was wrong.


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