Chapter 16

You would expect the former Elder Tribe to act as fast as he could after hearing about how one of his kinds was severely hurt in a public place. My dad, however, didn’t move an inch.

The cold breeze swirled around the living room. The more silence my dad made, the more I sunk into the grey couch.

“‘Again’?” Surprisingly, Elliott was the first one to break the uncomfortable silence. “He was shot before?”

I nodded. Elliott didn’t know the whole story, so I waited for a cue from my dad to spill more, but he looked unbothered. He stared blankly at the coffee table. His minds were probably wandering elsewhere, but it was exactly how he would look like when he had to make a decision.

“How? You just found out that he was a werewolf,” Elliott chuckled. It certainly beat him that he didn’t know what happened, but he put a wall around his raging curiosity out of respect for my dad.

“Does it matter now? We have to help him,” I sniffled, and then stared a

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