Chapter 19

At the moment, I almost screamed, “What the hell?! Are we some kind of cleaning service now?!”

After the nightmare drained me, I had no energy to proceed a complain. Had I known about the job details, which included doing tiny little errands, I probably wouldn’t have signed up with the homecoming committee. There’s no way I would do this again for the proms next time.

My voice croaked, “Noooooo!” as I laid myself back to the bed and took another pillow to cover my face, but Olive, being the annoying early bird that she was, snatched it right away.

“Just so you know, Thea. I had to go home with those boybands because the school area had to be sterilized!” She whined. “To repay all of that, you have to be with me until we’re done cleaning up.”

I groaned indignantly. If I didn’t know better, I could’ve growled loudly to make scare her away, or at least, to make her step down from my bed.

“You went home with Jim last night. Eleven-years-old you wo

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