Chapter 20

It was strange seeing Ashborne in a normal daily activity after I experienced an awful event in a public place last night. Police were called, but there wasn’t anything reported on the news this morning. It indicated that they didn’t find anything worth investigating.

When Selene said that there wasn’t anything in the parking lot and Olive speculated that the gunshot sound was a firework, I was almost convinced that I was hallucinating about seeing Ronny turning into a werewolf and Carson firing a silver bullet at him.

For the record, it wouldn’t be the first time that the people around me tried to guilt trip me about something. Nathan told me that I wasn’t hurt by a hunter six years ago. Dad was pressed by his position as a Tribe Elder and didn’t want to cause a panic, so he kept asking me to repeat the details of the attack to assure himself. The only good thing that came out of it was Dad finally decided that it was indeed a hunter and we had to save ourselves.

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