Parents rescue

Bella, Blaze, and the others are now standing outside her parent's house. They wanted to bring her parents out of the house before attacking Stephen. 

"First we need to bring your parents out of the house. Then we can take care of Stephen" Blaze murmured looking at the house where he holds many initial memories with Bella. 

Bella nodded her head absently.

"I will go in and check where they are," she said with determination.

Blaze shook his head in denial. 

"No, we don't know what is going on inside the house. Sending you inside might be risky. I will go instead" he offered.

Bella sighed.

"I know you are concerned about my safety Blaze. But they are my parents. And I know the house inside out. You don't have that advantage. I know where to shift to stay hidden and observe what's happening inside the house. Let me go. I promise I will not do anything rashly. Trust me please" she said softly.

Blaze frowned.

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