Bella woke up to the agonizing screams of a man. She was startled and sat up feeling rather dizzy and sore. For a moment, she has mistaken that voice for that of her father, but soon realized it's not. 

Blaze looked up at Bella, who is now sitting up on the bed holding her head with a grimace.

"Bella" he rushed towards her and hugged her tightly with relief. 

Bella sagged against him and closed her eyes tightly, feeling disoriented. 

"How are you feeling?" he asked worriedly, caressing her spine softly.

"Fine" she croaked. Her throat is dry and scratchy. She didn't use her voice for the past couple of days and the last thing she remembered is being shot by Stephen.

She rubbed the area where she was shot absently. But to her surprise, she didn't find any pain, scar, or even a bandage there. She looked down and found that the area where she is shot is rather soft as if nothing happened to her. As if she was not at all shot

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