Happily ever after

After the words spoken by the fairy goddess, all the three of them became even more worried for her. But just like she asked them, they decided to respect her words and not push the subject further. For now, they understood something has happened and the goddess has a limited life span. And more importantly, she is trying to fulfill her duties by the time her life here comes to an end. 

They want to know the specifics of what happened. As a goddess she usually has an eternity to live. But her words shocked them to their very core. So Blaze decided to honour her words, as he couldn't beat to upset her even more. He now understood why she deviced a prophecy all of a sudden. As a mother she is trying to protect her children as much as she could even after she is gone. 

Understanding her desire, he agreed to take upon the duties of a dragon elder, just like Drake did. He sat on the throne on the right side, leaving the left one open for the last choosen protector
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goodnovel comment avatar
what is the name of the third book.
goodnovel comment avatar
loved it will there be a 3rd book or will we be left hanging about the 3rd elder......
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Virginia Virgie Aquino-Baeza
loved this book what's the name of the next book?

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