The bridal run

"You should consider participating in this one. I heard Arabella, the most beautiful half-fae woman is participating in this year's bridal run" my brother Brandon advised.

Blaze black remains quiet, without answering his brother. He buttons his black shirt and folds the sleeves a little until the veins in his forearms are exposed.

Brandon rolled his eyes at his elder brother's quiet attitude.

His brother in his 30 years of age, never shown much interest like Brandon does.

Brandon is a playboy, through and through.

But Blaze on the other hand is a different story. If he needs a woman, he chooses one and spends a couple of hours with her in his bed, before sending her packing. He doesn't even remember who she was the other day.

After taking over the kingdom after their father at 19, Blaze Black attended 11 bridal runs, in which he showed no interest.

But Blaze is blaze. He will be silent and speaks if he only wants to. If he is not interested, no matter whatever you do, he will not bend or change his decision.

Blaze is the most powerful black dragons in the world. The black dragons are the most ancient beings and the first kind of Dragons to be born ever.

Blaze is powerful and domineering. If he wants something, then he goes after it with a single minded focus until he gets it.

There is no dragon in the entire black realm, who can fight and win with Blaze. There is no dragon even in human world, who can win over Blaze. But that's one thing that needs to be seen.

Brandon wants his brother to marry a nice girl and be happy. All the dragons his age are all married and settled. But he is still single.

"Bro, you need to participate in this one" Brandon stood blocking the way, stopping his brother from going out of his room, to survey the bridal run.

Blaze looks at his brother. He is the only family left for him and he is the only one who would get away with nagging him like this.

"You know I am not interested in marrying anyone. Stop nagging like a woman. That's one of the reasons I hate settling down" Blaze explained calmly.

His black eyes looking directly looking at Brandon's brown ones.

Brandon sighed.

"All the woman Nag at some point brother" Brandon pointed out.

"Then show me one woman who's nagging dosen't bother me at all, then I will marry her" Blaze told.

Brandon blinked at his brother.

"It's impossible. You know it" Brandon wined.

"If you really love someone, then you will even find amusement in their nagging" Blaze pointed out.

Brandon sighed heavily. He cannot win with his brother in any argument. So he came directly to the point.

"Brother, you are not getting any younger. You should settle down. This throne needs a successor, consider this one please" Brandon pleaded.

Blaze sighed.

"I want a woman who will touch my heart the moment I see her Brandon. I don't need a beauty who is a bitch and with whom I cannot sit and talk for even a second. If I find someone like that, then I will make her mine the moment I see her" Blaze opened up to his brother for the first time.

Brandon is shocked.

"Where will you find such a woman? Why don't you tell me you are not interested" Brandon sulked.

Blaze knows his brother wouldn't understand him. So he never tried to make him understand either. 

Brandon moved aside to let Blaze go and silently followed behind his brother.

They walked out of the huge palace, made of black stones, and into the open field in front of the gates.

A makeshift stage was arranged for the king and a big throne with cushions was placed in the middle.

Blaze pushed the cushions off his throne and sat on his throne.

Every other dragon who came to participate in the bridal run stood up as soon as they their king.

The humans and the fae, who came to see the run are all stood up from the ground as well.

Blaze nodded at them and motioned with his palm to make them sit down.

"Let's present all the brides to be in front of the king" Brandon announced loudly.

This is a routine they follow every year.

Every girl both human and fae are all came and curtsied in front of Blaze.

Arabella is one of the girls, who is participating this year. She belongs to one of the elite families in the dark realm. Being chosen as a dragon's bride is a thing to be proud of. 

Each dragon chooses only one mate in its entire life. They cherish their mates, until the day they die.

Many women want to become the bride of a dragon for so many reasons. Some want the privilege of being an elite after becoming a dragon's bride. Some need money and a few need the love and affection they offer.

Every other girl on the stage except Arabella is happy to be there.

But on the contrary, Arabella doesn't want to do anything with this bridal run. She wants to be anywhere but here.

She has a girlfriend, whom she wants to marry and spend her life with. Since she was a teen, Arabella realized that she prefers women. But it's frowned up and considered a bad thing in fairy. 

So she couldn't tell her father why she doesn't want to participate in the bridal run. But her father is not having any of it. He is hell-bent to make her participate in the run.

He even threatened to kill himself and her mother if she didn't participate today. Arabella reluctantly agreed to that.

But her heart is pounding loudly, at the uncomfortable feeling she is getting with the attention she is getting from the dragons.

'Oh God, I fear one of these dragons would claim me today' she shuddered with that thought in horror.

Blaze already saw every one of these girls earlier from his room, in hopes that he would find someone he would like. But he found none.

But one thing he noticed is that the girl Brandon mentioned looks tense for some reason. Like his brother mentioned, that girl is beautiful. But he didn't feel the urge to make her his. 

Blaze doesn't think much of it. He nodded his head at them, ignoring their blatant flirting and batting their eye lashes. Blaze is not interested in a single one of these girls. So he remained impassive and his face a blank mask.

And then the dragons who are participating came onto the stage.

They all shifted in to their dragon forms and bowed in front of their king.

Blaze nodded at them.

'I wish you best of luck in finding suitable brides dragon's' Blaze told them through their mind link.

All the Dragons who are participating raised their Dragon heads and blow fire in to the sky, as a sign of respect to their king.

Blaze roared in his Dragon tone, as if to say he accepted their respect.

Then the program started.

The bridal run takes place on the day of the Blue Moon day, which comes once every year. As soon as the rays of the moon fall on the dragon, they begin to feel the urge to claim the woman they like. Only the mating on this night will make them mates for life and forms a bond in between the dragon and his mate.

Little did he know, his fate has something planned for him today, and his mate is being kidnapped from the human world into the fairy, to replace the tense Arabella.

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