Blaze is feeling restless. He came back inside the palace, after the brides ran away into the forest, to wait for the dragon, whom they like. They would be given a couple of hours head start and the dragons would follow the scent of the woman he likes to claim as his bride.

The newly mated couples would emerge somewhere around the next day or two. Then, there would be a ceremony that would be held to celebrate their mating.

It would be held after two days. 

It's been a couple of hours and the dragons must have already found their mates. But for some odd reason, Blaze is restless.

There is an ache in his heart that is urging him to go out. But he knows he cannot go out tonight. 

He looked at the Blue Moon that's shining brightly in the night sky. This is the night when a dragon would lose all his senses and claim a woman if he likes her.

The Blue Moon rays will the dragon inside them take over and it will not rest until he claims his mate. 

Blaze is sure he would not find any woman whom he would crazy out of his mind like that to claim. But he doesn't want to take chances.

He tried to relax himself a little, but the more time passes by, the more restless he started to feel.

Soon, there is this urge that started to build inside him, that wants him to go find whatever it is, that is making him feel this way.

Brandon found his brother pacing here and there looking as if he is in pain. 

'What happened to him?' he thought.

"Hey brother, what's up?" Brandon said walking up to his elder brother.

Blaze cannot explain his urge to fly somewhere and find someone. It's like a living thing inside him, tugging him somewhere.

Blaze gave in to the urge and decided to go check what it is.

"I am going out. Take care of things here until I come back" Blaze told his brother and walked towards the nearest balcony, which is big enough for him to fly from there.

Brandon is puzzled.

He looked at the Blue Moon and frowned a little.

"Brother, it's Blue Moon night. It's not safe for you to go out there right now. You might be forced to claim someone you might regret later" Brandon warned his brother.

But Blaze is not listening to Brandon. He has to go and that too immediately.

"I will be fine" Blaze assured Brandon, and shifted only his wings to appear on his back. He spread his wings and flew away, still in his human form.

Isabella on the other hand slowly gained her conscience. She opened her eyes and tried to move her limbs. But she found something heavy covering her body. 

She struggled to break free from the mud she was buried under and slowly got up to her feet. Her memories are slowly slipping by.

She just remembers that weird-looking guy kidnapped her. She looked around her surroundings and found that it's dark and she is alone.

"Where am I?" She thought out loud.

Few Dragons who wanted to claim Arabella as their bride went that way, but they couldn't find Isabella under that mud. 

It was more than a couple of hours ago. By now, they gave up searching for Arabella and claimed someone else.

But Isabella is forgetting who she is and how she came here, as the seconds slip by. She vaguely remembers her parent's faces and names, and who she was.

"What is happening to me?" She thought

She looked down at her mud-caked body and decided to wash first. The mud is stinking and it's making her feel heavy.

Isabella slowly walked in search of someone to help her to wash up and show her the way out of this forest. 

By now, she forgot about her forced wedding and Cameron Davis. All she remembers is her parents and are desperate to find a way out of this forest.

Upon walking for half an hour, Isabella heard the sound of water. She followed the sound and found a small waterfall. 

There is a small lake near the clearing, surrounded by tall trees. The clearing is grassy with some colorful wildflowers.

Isabella looked around and found herself alone. 

"I saw no one while I was coming here. I don't think anyone would be living around this thick forest" She thought out loud.

She slowly removed her mud-caked clothes on the shore and stepped inside the lake. When she was waist-deep, she began to wash herself off the mud.

She didn't notice Blaze landing soundlessly on the shore.

Blaze's restless tugging brought him into the middle of the forest, where the bridal run is currently going on. He stopped when his eyes caught the naked back of a woman.

He became mesmerized and landed on the shore of the lake. The woman is washing the mud off her body.

'How did she get so much mud all over her body?' he thought.

'Is she already claimed by another dragon?' that thought sent fury coursing through his veins.

'She is mine. Mine alone' he thought possessively.

But soon frowned at his thinking.

'What is wrong with you Blaze? You didn't even see her face. But you decided she belongs to you?' Blaze thought and looked up at the sky.

The moon is safely hidden behind the clouds.

'No, it's not the moon. Then what is wrong with me?' he thought.

'I should go away. It's not good to watch at a woman bathing without her permission ' with that thought in mind, he turned away and walked a few steps.

'Just once. I want to look at her face ' he thought.

He hid behind a tree past the clearing and waited for her to face him.

When she ducked in the lack to wash her hair, she turned to face him.

The moment Blaze saw her face, he lost it.

'She is the one. She is mine' he decided, as she made herself safely inside his heart.

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