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Her sea-green eyes flicker with awareness when she heard something move. Her soft plump pink lips parted as she tried to cover her body with her small hands.

She walked back deeper into the water until the water covers her chest. She looked around her warily, as her reddish-brown hair looks much darker in the water.

Isabella is 5.8 and has a curvy figure. Medium-sized breasts, not too small or not too large, perfect for her figure. A small waist and nice shapely hips.

Blaze could see her body perfectly through the clear Lake water. It's not hiding anything from his eyes. 

He is feasting on her body with his eyes.

Blaze is well over 6 .4 and with her 5.8 height, she would still look small beside him. His aqua blue eyes scan her from head to toe, finding pleasure in her increased breathing, and rapid raise and fall of her mounds, with the awareness that someone is watching her.

But no matter how much he tried, he couldn't keep his eyes away from her for more than a millisecond.

Isabella knows someone else is here and that someone is watching her. She can feel those eyes on every inch of her body like it's a physical caress.

"Who is it? Show yourself" Isabella called out, trying to hide her fear and vulnerability from her voice.

Blaze slowly stepped out from behind the tree he was hiding and walked forwards towards the shore.

When Isabella saw a man, who is looking like a Greek god step out from behind his hiding spot, she gasped with surprise and shock.

Blaze didn't stop near the shore, but his feet carried him deeper into the lake and closer to where she is standing.

Isabella is so mesmerized, that she didn't notice him coming closer to her until he is just an inch away from her naked body.

She could feel the heat coming off of his naked torso. She gasped when his huge palm came out of the water and lightly caressed her cheek.

"Hmm" she took a quick breath at that foreign sensation.

Goosebumps erupted on her exposed skin.

"Who are you?" She asked, taking a step back and away from him.

He erased the distance she created with a step of his own.

"Blaze" he whispered.

Isabella took another step back and he followed suit. That repeated until she was standing directly under the waterfalls.

She gasped for breath. Blaze pushed her further backward until she crossed the waterfalls and step inside a small dark cave, behind the falls.

She was about to fall back onto the floor of the cave when he caught her around her waist and pulled her towards him.

Isabella gasped when her breasts came in contract with his hard chest.

Blaze, who is already hot and hard, became even harder.

He groaned at the sensation of her body in his arms.

Now that he is out of the moonlight, he thought his craving for her would lessen a little. But all did was reach to an impossible range, when he touched her.

Isabella began to panic when the initial shock and surprise began to wear off.

"Let me go" she struggled to make herself free from his hold, but all her struggle did was create delicious friction between their bodies.

Her nipples hardened and she became wet.

The moment her arousal reached his nostrils, his darkened with lust.

He bent down and captured her lips with his, kissing her as if he is starved.

That was her first kiss and she didn't know how to react. She tried to push him away, but he is holding her in his arms tightly, and he refused to let go.

He bit her lower lip when she refused to open her mouth. That made her even wetter and she gasped. He took that opportunity and pushed his tongue inside her mouth and tasted the sweetness of her mouth.

Soon, Isabella's resistance faded and she began to mimic his movements. He understood that she is inexperienced. And he became really happy that he is her first.

He kissed her as if her mouth is nirvana. Slowly he led her to lay down on the floor of the cave and covered her body with his.

He began to kiss her again and softly nipped her lip. She hissed with pain and pleasure.

He knows it's the moon that is making her compliant. But he is not complaining. He decided that she belongs to him, so she belongs to him. Even if she doesn't know it yet, she will soon.

The moon is not affecting his mind like it's affecting hers. He can feel his own lust and cravings for her. He know it's all him and not the moon. 

That clarity made him become more possessive about this exquisite creature in front of him.

He pulled back from her lips and descended downwards. He sucked and nipped at her neck, leaving his mark over her body.

He then descended and captured her breasts with his mouth.

When he did that, she moaned and arched her back for more.

He nipped at her breasts and then began to suck and play with her nipple. He then captured her other breast and then rolled its nipple with his tongue and softly tugged it with his teeth.

She hissed and moaned with pleasure and pulled at his hair.

He then moved his palm slowly downwards and then began to play with her core. He inserted his middle finger and found her impossibly tight. He began to move his finger slowly, to let her get used to it. 

All the while he didn't let go of her breast and soon, Isabella is climaxing on his finger.

He removed his own bottoms and then positioned his hardness over her soft wet core.

"Bella, this will hurt a little, but I promise it will become better soon" he promised and pushed inside her and seated himself fully inside her heat.

Isabella cried with pain, but he soothed her softly with kisses and soft words.

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