His Bride

Throughout the night, Blaze took Isabella more times than he could count. No matter how many times he had her, his hunger became more and he started to crave more of her.

They slept somewhere around the early morning hours. 

Isabella woke up with her body hurting everywhere. As the power of the Blue Moon wore off of her, she began to remember everything that happened the previous night.

She opened her eyes wide and sat up with a start.

She looked around the dim cave and found that she is alone and naked.

"Is it a dream?" She wondered loudly.

The ache and the soreness she is feeling are telling her that it's not. 

"Oh my God, I gave up my virginity to someone last night. Bella, how desperate are you? Why did you sleep with him? Were you drunk?" Isabella scolded herself.

"I need to get out of here before whoever he is could come back. I think I can still find my soiled dress from last night near the shore" she thought and stood up on shaky legs. 

Her entire body protested with pain.

"Damn, I don't know for how many times we did it. It hurts" she complained to the empty cave.

She slowly walked towards the entrance and stood under the waterfalls. The cold water felt good on her body.

"Hmm," she hummed and suddenly hissed when the cold water touched her bruised skin.

"Ouch. He is a beast" she muttered and decided to go to the shore.

Arabella and Aurora on the other hand were guilty of leaving Isabella in the middle of the forest in an unknown land. So they decided to go check on her.

But they didn't find her in the place where they last saw her.

"Do you think someone claimed her?" Arabella feared.

Aurora shook her head.

"I don't think so. You should stop worrying. As soon as we leave her in your parent's house, then we are going to the human world. Then you wouldn't have to worry about her anymore" Aurora told her.

"Ok" Arabella agreed.

"But first, we need to find her," she said worriedly.

"Let's go find the lake nearby. She must be feeling muddy and must have gone there to wash herself off" Aurora guessed.

"Maybe. Let's go check it out then" Arabella agreed and they both went to find her.

Upon reaching the lake they didn't find her anywhere but found her soiled dress.

"That muddy dress seems to be hers. Then where is she?" Arabella murmured distractedly searching for Isabella.

They heard the lapping of the water and looked in that direction. Sure enough, Isabella was swimming to the shore.

"There she is" Arabella pointed out excitedly.

"Shh. Keep your volume down. If she asks us who we are, then what will you tell her? That we are here kidnappers? Don't let her see us or hear us. As soon as she gets dressed, I will go from behind her and shift her to your parent's house. Then they will take care of her" Aurora planned.

Arabella nodded her head.

They saw Isabella wash up her dress as best as she could and proceeded to wear the wet dress.

The once white dress is now brown and unrecognisable.

"Time to implement our plan" Aurora murmured and shifted behind Isabella and lightly touched her hair. Then she shifted her to Arabella's parents house and Aurora shifted back to the lake.

Arabella is startled when Aurora appeared a minute later.

"All done?" She asked.

"Yes, it's done" she assured her girlfriend, but then, they both heard the unmistakable sound of dragon wings flapping.

They looked up and found a huge dragon landing near the Shore.

"Shit, why is a dragon coming here?" Arabella murmured fearfully.

"Hurry up, let's hide" Aurora suggested and they hid behind a huge boulder near the shore.

Blaze left Isabella's sleeping form to bring some clothes for her. He was gone for just 10 minutes.

He went inside the cave and found it empty. His heart began to pound loudly.

"Bella" he called loudly to attract her attention. But only his voice ecoed through the cave walls and she didn't come back.

When Arabella and Aurora heard him calling for Isabella, they both began to panic.

"Oh my god, she was claimed last night by a dragon. That too the king of the Dragons. What do we do now?" Arabella began to worry.

They cannot do anything in this situation.

"Let's go to the human world now. If he finds you here, it would be you he would think as his bride. Better let's escape before that happens" Aurora advised and they both Shifted to her brother's house.

After all, they need Yeshua's help to go to the human world.

Unknown about what happened in his absence, Blaze began to search the entire forest for Isabella. But he couldn't find her anywhere.

"Did she shift?" he thought.

'Last night she was compliant because of the blue moon. Clarity must have returned and she must have panicked. That must be the reason she fled. Too bad Bella, you are mine. That will not change. I will make you love me the way I love you' Blaze vowed.

He flew off towards his palace.

'I have a mate to seach for' he thought with determination.

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