Returned memories

Arabella's parents house is a modest 3 storey house, with 4 bed rooms and 5 bathrooms. It's has a garden in front of the house on the right side. On the left side is a driveway for the carriages to come and go. 

The first floor has a receiving parlour on the right and a kitchen on the left. On the far right corner is the living area and on the left corner is a staircase to go to the upper floors.

Isabella stood outside in the garden, confused out of her mind.

"What just happened? I was standing near that lake. How did I get here?" She thought outloud.

A maid who was just coming inside the house, saw Isabella and misunderstood her as Arabella.

"Miss Arabella? You came back from the run? Come on inside. Your mother and grandmother are waiting for you" the Maid ushered a confused Isabella inside the house.

Isabella followed the maid with a confused frown on her face.

Elvina is Arabella's mother and Doris is her mother's mother, her grandmother.

Scott is Arabella's father, a human and a jeweller in Fairy.

When Elvina, who is a house wife saw her daughter come inside the house, she was dissapointed that her daughter was not claimed by a dragon.

But she know her daughter must be happy that she was not claimed. Arabella was against the run since her father told her about it. But Scott forced her and Arabella agreed forefully.

"Are you happy now? You are not claimed by a dragon. You were always against that idea. Now you must be really happy. But your father would be dissappointed" Elvina said with a teasing smile.

Elvina and Scott always treated their daughter fairly. Elvina and Doris are more like Arabella's friends rather than her parent and grandparent.

So Arabella always shares everything with them. And they even know that she loves a woman. But they thought it would go away and she would act like all other woman her age.

They both are worried for Arabella.

But they didn't know that their daughter is born that way and there is no changing that. Instead, she kidnapped a human to replace her for the run.

Isabella is confused. She doesn't remember anything and she doesn't know who this woman is.

"Who are you?" Isabella asked the woman.

Elvina thought Arabella is angry and throwing a tantrum.

The maid slipped away leaving them alone.

Elvina walked towards her daughter with a soft smile.

"I am really sorry Ari. I couldn't help you with this. We tried. But you know your father. If he has his mind on something, then there is no changing his mind. You were not claimed, and that is what you wanted. Let it go now. You go and change your clothes. You look worn out" Elvina said softly.

But Isabella looked at her with a puzzled look.

"Who are you?" Isabella repeated her question.

This time Elvina frowned at her daughter.

There is no recognition in her daughter's eyes. She could only find confusion.

Elvina guessed that something is wrong.

"What?" She asked with a confused look.

Isabella blinked at Elvina.

"I don't know who you are. I don't even remember how I came here. I don't remember anything...." Isabella whispered the last part, holding her head with a pained expression.

Elvina have a very bad feeling about this. 

'Oh my dear fairy goddess, what have you done Arabella?' She thought with a horrified look.

"Come" she ushered Isabella to her mother's room.

Doris was working on her plants in her room balcony, when her daughter rushed inside her room with a bang.

She was startled and looked up to find her granddaughter along with her mother.

"Oh, great you are back. So none of those Dragons claimed you?" Doris asked misunderstanding Isabella as her granddaughter.

Elvina closed the room door and locked it hurriedly.

"Mother, she is not our Ari. I think Ari kidnapped this girl from the human world. She doesn't remember anything" Elvina confessed.

Doris paled when she heard that.

"Oh dear goddess, this time Ari crossed a line. What are we going to do now?" Doris began to panic.

Elvina is panicked as well.

Isabella is not understanding what these two are talking about.

"Do you guys know why I am not remembering anything?" Isabella asked with a worried look.

Two sets of eyes looked her way.

"Why don't we try to get her memories back?" Elvina asked her mother.

Doris perked up when she heard that.

If the memories are gone less than 24 hours ago, she has the ability to bring them back. 

"Right, come sit here girl" Doris directed Isabella to a chair and made her sit there comfortably.

Doris placed her palm over Isabella's forehead.

Isabella felt like she is being given an electric shock. And then, she started remembering everything from her disasterous wedding to her parents and her life in the human world.

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