After 4 weeks, Bella is now sitting on a chair in the receiving parlour. Arabella's father is adamant to marry his daughter off to a suiter.

He began to feel insulted when he found out that his daughter is not claimed by any dragon. 

As a famous jeweller, he is feeling insulted that his daughter is not claimed by any dragon. So before people began to talk openly about that, he decided to marry his daughter off to a Nobel rich man from their fairy society.

Bella is feeling uncomfortable sitting in front of this stranger, while he is oggling her like the pastry in his hands.

She discreetly looked towards the door for the other two woman, who begged for her to act like Arabella. They began to call her Bella, and she remembered that strange man on her first night in fairy.

'He too called me Bella' she thought.

But soon let that thought slip to the back of her mind.

'You are not here to stay. As soon as Ari returns, you need to go back to your life. So don't get too attached with anyone' she thought.

She looked at her partners in crime and raised her eyebrows to ask what happened.

Doris just winked at her and Elvina is trying not to laugh too loudly.

That's when Bella understood that they planned something funny with this one.

It's her 4th date since she agreed to stay here. Doris spoiled all the other three with different reasons.

She threatened the first one. Made the second one forget why he came to our house in the first place, and the third one was ran from the entrance itself.

But today, Ari's father Scott is home, and they are not doing anything openly. 

'I wonder what they planned with this one' she thought with amusement.

Soon, the fairy guy in front of her started to make faces, holding his belly.

He farted loudly, making Bella laugh out loud, much to his embaressement.

"Excuse me" he said and ran out of the parlour, all the while farting.

As soon as he left, Doris, Bella and Elvina began to laugh loudly.

That alerted Scott and he came out of his office.

"What happened?" he asked with a skeptical expression on his face.

"I think he is not suitable for our Bella. I think he has constipation problems" Doris explained vaguely.

Scott shook his head with amusement.

But when that guy came out of the chamber pot room farting loudly, even Scott began to laugh.

That guy ran out their house red faced.

"Young people these days eat everything and anything" Scott muttered and went back inside his home office.

Doris, Elvina and Bella busted out laughing.

"What did you do?" Bella asked Doris.

"It's a herb which I grow in my balcony. If used in small doses, it will reliev fever and pain. But in large doses, it will cause gas problems for who ever eats it" Doris winked mischievously.

Bella giggled.

"There will never be a dull day with you" Bella pointed out with a smile.

"Don't miss me too much after you go back home" Doris teased Bella.

Bella laughed at that comment.

"Bella, go get that tea leaves Scott began to love. He might need it after this failed date" Elvina told Bella.

"Sure Elvina" Bella replied and went outside.

On the backside of their house is a huge forest, where Bella found tea leaves one day while she was strolling. She bought some home and tried to prepare tea.

Scott, who was used to drinking tea when he was in the human world, came home to the amazing smell of tea and asked for a cup. 

When she served with tea with biscuits, he loved it. Since that day, he always drinks tea after coming home from work or when he is stressed.

Doris and Elvina looked at Bella's retreating figure with a soft smile.

"I like her" Doris commented.

"I do too. She is very sweet and understanding" Elvina agreed.

"Ofcourse she is sweet. She is my daughter" Scott commented from behind them, completely misunderstanding the conversation.

Doris and Elvina jumped with fright when they heard Scott's voice.

They turned to look at Scott with huge shocked eyes.

"What?" Scott asked with a confused look.

Both the ladies breathed a sigh of relief.

'So he didn't understand anything' they thought.

"You went inside your office just now. So we were not expecting you here so soon. We were startled" Elvina explained.

"Oh" Scott nodded his head in understanding.

"I came out for some tea. Where is Bella? Tell her to prepare some of her tea for me" Scott said before retreating inside his office.

Elvina and Doris sighed.

"That was close" Doris mumbled.

Elvina looked at her mother with surprise.

"You are picking up Bella's human language" Elvina teased.

Doris giggled.

"Like she says, it's so cool" Doris mimicked Bella's words.

On the other hand, Bella walked inside the forest for the tea leaves.

It's 20 minutes walk from their house and she likes it very much. She always feel refreshed after these walks.

Fairy is devoid of pollution and the air around here is fresh. The leaves, flowers and fruits are more vibrant.

You can see millions of stars at night along with the moon.

No vehicles to pollute the peaceful environment.

Everything here in fairy is either made of wood or stones. There are no concrete buildings wats so ever.

Bella could see so many different birds chirping happily in the forest.

They sing and play with each other happily.

Bella reached the place where she usually plucks tea leaves from and began to pluck a handful of them for Ari's father.

That's when she heard a familiar voice, which made her close her legs tightly and her core to clench for more.

Bella's eyes widened with fear.

His voice deeply ingrained in her mind and refused to leave her thoughts. She even find her release at nights with his voice.

"Oh no. It's him. The stranger I lost my virginity to. Damn, if he finds me, then how can I face him?" Bella thought, her face flamming red.

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