Searching for her

After his mate escaped, Blaze is hell bent on finding her. He took the addresses of all the bride's that were present that night and left the ones who were claimed by a dragon.

He didn't know that there were 210 woman who were participated in this year's run and only 15 of them were claimed by the dragons as their brides.

The remaining were sent home to their parents, by the time Blaze returned back. But he know she is not one of them. He saw everyone just before the run. 

None of them made him feel the way she made him feel. So he decided to search for the entire realm for her.

The fact that she ran away after spending a night with him is new to Blaze. Usually woman fall all over themselves to please him. But she is different.

The first thing she did after woke up is run away.

'Did she know who he is? But then again, even if she doesn't, he is not bad to look at. Why did she run away? She is the first woman who ran away from me. My mat

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lorna tanui
love is so far
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I agree that chapters need to be longer ,it would be cheaper to buy the book
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Sudarshan Lakhanpal
interesting so far

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