Blaze nodded his at Doris and retreated to where he left Brandon. He is sure his mate is in that house and that the older lady is lying to him.

But he needs to talk to his mate first. He doesn't know what she must be thinking. 

'If she wants to be with him or not, he is not sure. He doesn't know how he will make her agree to be with him if she doesn't like to be with him. But no one can break their bond, which is already formed. The tattoo on his chest, just over his heart is the proof of that' Blaze thought.

Brandon on the other hand is searching for his brother. He took off so fast, Brandon was shocked to find him gone in a second.

"This is the village. My mate is here" Blaze announced as soon as he found Brandon.

"Really? Did you found her? Then what's the delay? Let's take her back to the palace" Brandon said excitedly.

"She is here. But I didn't see her yet. You should go back and take care of things there in my absence. It's not good fo

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Let’s see how Blaze likes this
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Bella Jersey
Right there this world really sucks a chamber pot ewe gross no bathroom I’m out

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