"No" he replied.

Bella is shocked.

"What do you mean by 'No'? I am telling you I am not interested in you at all. I am telling you not to follow me like this. And you are telling me no? What does it even mean?" Bella demanded.

Blaze looked at her blankly. 

'Some thing is wrong here' he concluded.

"I will tell you what I mean in a moment. But first, you tell me what were you doing at that time of the night in that forest" Blaze asked looking straight in to her eyes.

Bella paled hearing that question.

'What should I tell him? That I was kidnapped by Ari to replace her in that stupid bridal run? If I do, then it's a disaster waiting to happen' she thought.

"I was hiding there" she muttered.

When Blaze heard her statement, he frowned.

"Hiding there? From who or from what?" he asked with a blank face.

"Ahh.. that...yes...From those stupid Dragons" she said hastily.

Blaze raised his eyebrows at that comment.

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Bella Jersey
I’m surprised Blaze can’t smell she human. Wouldn’t Aribella smell completely different from Isabella?

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